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Our pets mean the world to us. We love them, and care about them. If we’re careful about our own health and what we feed ourselves, shouldn’t we be just as concerned about what we feed our furry friends?

By delivering our homemade meals right to your door, we can invest in the best ingredients to make your pet food. This type of quality is never found on a shelf.

Fido’s Kitchen creates healthy, fresh, whole meals for pets – and conveniently delivers them regularly!

Healthy Pet. Happy Life.

Pet foods are filled with hundreds of preservatives disguised as real ingredients. A label may say “made with real chicken” however, the actual amount of chicken may only be 7%. By the time pet food has been processed into dry food, the nutritional value of the food is gone. Completely gone. Your pet is eating nothing but filler.

This is the same reason why pet food keeps so long on a shelf, all the real ingredients were heated out of existence. Pet manufacturers are aware of this and try to remedy the problem by adding in synthetic vitamins and minerals. These synthetic substitutes do not prevent disease in animals, or humans for that matter.

To ensure a healthy life for your pet is to ensure they are being fed good food. Fido’s Kitchen makes this simple. We use real, fresh human grade ingredients packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in our homemade recipes formulated by our vet nutritionist to keep your pet at the top of their health.

Human Grade Food.          Fresh.          Delicious.          Healthy.

Whether your pet is picky, or happy to eat whatever lands in their food bowl, there is a healthy homemade recipe at Fido’s Kitchen for them. The scientific evidence of a fresh food diet is stacked high against commercial pet food. You will see firsthand the difference a fresh diet can make for your pet.